Vila Lucero

Villa Lucero is an iconic 9,004 hectares farm in the north of Uruguay where we manage our own cattle operation and lease row crop (soybean, rice) and forestry areas to third party operators.

Property Overview


9,004 hectares.


10 km southeast of national road 26.
20 km away from Ansina (closest town).

Productive model

Own cattle operation.
Row crop (primarily soybean and rice) and forestry areas leased to third party operators.


Villa Lucero consisting of eight bedrooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen, and two living rooms.
Paso del Sauce consisting of five bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, and a living room.

Staff housing

Five staff houses with a total of twenty-two bedrooms, nine bathrooms, four kitchens, and living areas.

Storage facilities

Four barns with 160 sqm, 180 sqm, 250 sqm, and 360 sqm.

Water system

Extensive water system consisting of four dams, twenty-two ponds, three water tanks, nine water troughs, and twenty kms of channels to irrigate up to 600 hectares of rice.

Cattle facilities

Three sets of chute, pen, corral, and cattle dock, and a cattle bath.

Other infrastructure
(e.g., fencing, roads, paddocks)

140 km of fences.
22 km of internal roads.
Two horse sheds and four stables.
Airplane hangar with 1,200m airstrip.


Power grid connection.

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