Scope of services

We provide our clients with a broad range of institutional investment and asset management services from sourcing to asset disposal.



Investor relations

We issue to our clients regular operational and management reports, and manage investor relations transparently from sourcing to asset disposal, keeping our clients properly informed and seeking their participation at all stages of the investment lifecycle.

Investment sourcing & execution

We source proprietary investment opportunities for our clients and manage acquisitions and restructurings from due diligence to closing.


Auditing, baselining & planning

Whether we are acquiring a property or taking over the management of an existing investment, we initiate all our engagements by carrying-out a comprehensive month-long auditing, baselining, and planning process, that will ensure a smooth transition and seamless reorganisation of farm-level activities.

Production & commercial management

We address issues identified during our due diligence, auditing, baselining, and planning process to improve production and commercial management, drive operating and economic performance and, consequently, increase the value of the properties we manage.


Infrastructure management

We monitor and ensure the integrity of the infrastructure we manage by recommending and overseeing the implementation of individual maintenance activities and the replacement or disposal of fixed assets, as required.

Tenant management

We review and improve existing lease agreements.

In case of termination, we procure new lease agreements with creditworthy counterparties, managing the end-to-end contracting process and ensuring contractual terms are watertight.

We supervise the properties’ tenants and ensure they respect at all times their contractual obligations, including complying with approved soil use plans.



We operate and maintain the bank accounts necessary for the day-to-day operation of the properties and oversee the work of third-party service providers such as accountants, auditors, as well as legal and tax advisors to ensure full regulatory compliance.

We provide our clients with a range of additional administrative services including overseeing all other third parties involved with the properties (e.g. contractors, commercial counterparties, government authorities), entering into contracts, and dealing with all applicable correspondence and other communications.

Asset disposal

We manage the disposal of assets to ensure a timely exit at the best possible price achievable under prevailing market conditions.


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