Environmental, Social & Governance

The following are some of the ESG initiatives we implement across our Portfolio.

We restore and conserve soil conditions using proven regenerative farming techniques (e.g., systematic pastures/crop rotations) to improve structure and moisture retention; increase carbon and organic matter content; avoid soil depletion, erosion, and compaction; and enhance biodiversity.

We increase the resilience of existing water systems by diversifying water sources, building redundancy, optimising coverage of water distribution and irrigation systems, and using resources responsibly.

We reduce greenhouse gas emissions by adopting cleaner energy sources, reducing the use of fossil fuels and products derived thereof (e.g., fertiliser), and sequestering carbon through soil regeneration and afforestation.

We operate under best-in-class animal welfare standards, ensuring that livestock are healthy, comfortable, well- fed, safe, and are not subject to pain, fear, and stress

We restore, enhance, and diversify agroecosystems by planting trees, developing non-crop vegetation, and conserving areas of natural ecosystems surrounding production areas.

We generate rewarding rural employment opportunities, thus allowing farm staff and tenants to derive fair and reliable living incomes supporting their wellbeing as well as that of their dependents.

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