Uruguay ranked first in Latin America and 18th globally on the iGovernment - Good Governance Index

February 2, 2023

The report, prepared by the Instituto Mesías and iTRUST Country Brand Intelligence, shows that Uruguay has made a "progressive and sustainable climb in good governance over the last 20 years". This has resulted in the country moving up 14 places since 2005 and being ranked as the best government in Latin America with the region's most advanced democratic system.

The dimensions of good governance that Uruguay has advanced in include political stability (28 places), control of corruption (11 places), accountability (11 places), rule of law (5 places), government efficiency (4 places), and regulatory quality (4 places).

Uruguay ranks first in Latin America and 18th globally, with Chile and Costa Rica following in 2nd and 3rd place regionally and 27th and 30th globally.

The iGovernment - Good Governance Index is developed annually by the Messiah Institute with data from the World Bank and measures the dimensions of good governance and democratic quality in 145 countries.

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