El Tauro & Cabatir – A success story of soil regeneration and livestock efficiency in Uruguay

February 8, 2023

El Tauro & Cabatir – A success story of soil regeneration and livestock efficiency in Uruguay

08 February 2023

As a leading farmland management partner in Uruguay, we are proud to share our successful experience in improving the operation of the El Tauro and Cabatir properties, two adjacent properties that we manage in Río Negro in western Uruguay.

Before our involvement, El Tauro and Cabatir had been used exclusively for row crop production, leaving them with impoverished soils. Over the past couple of years, we have been busy transforming these properties' depleted land into highly productive pastures that support an intensive cattle-fattening operation.

Having initiated our cattle operation in May 2020 with 151 units only, we have managed to increase our stocking rate eightfold to an impressive 1,194 units by December 2022.

The following chart displays the evolution of our cattle stock since inception, which varies each year with the land's evolving carrying capacity.

We achieved this remarkable growth by implementing one-to-three-day rotation-based farming techniques, which allow us to maximise the farms' carrying capacity while optimising land and fodder resource utilisation, cattle weight gain efficiency, and soil regeneration.

To do so, we sowed highly nutritious pastures such as Alfalfa and subdivided them into ten-hectare paddocks using modular electric fencing. We also built new water storage facilities and expanded the footprint of the existing distribution network to provide cattle with ready access to fresh water.

The rotation between pastures and crops will stabilise after stocking rates peak in 2024. We will then continue rotating two years of row crops (e.g., soybean) with four years of pastures.

Our success at El Tauro and Cabatir illustrates our commitment to delivering the best possible results for our investors. We are proud to be at the forefront of soil regeneration in Uruguay and look forward to continuing to drive sustainable investment returns for our clients.


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