"After Germany’s fall, which is the paragon nation?" (Financial Times, 10 February 2023)

February 10, 2023

After Germany’s fall, which is the paragon nation?

Financial Times – 10 February 2023

Sweden and Germany losing their appeal as paragon nations following changes in their policies and actions has created a void that should be filled by another country to be celebrated as a model of liberal democracy.

Finding a suitable candidate is however proving difficult, with criteria such as no nuclear weapons, a liberal attitude towards immigration, and a lack of historic imperialism or geopolitical stigma ruling out many nations.

This Financial Times column authored by Janan Ganesh suggests Uruguay as a possibility due to its middle class, historically enduring welfare state, and the moral benefit of the doubt given to small nations surrounded by large ones. However, Uruguay's lack of profile makes it unlikely to capture the attention of the masses.

The article concludes with the possibility of the FT readership having a better answer, or Sweden making a comeback.

Read the full article on the Financial Times website for more information (subscribers only).

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