A peak at our Paraguayan operation

March 10, 2023

A peak at our Paraguayan operation

8 March 2023

We are happy to report that our pastures and cattle look increasingly healthy and robust at our 20,000 hectares Paraguayan operation.

Abundant rainfall from December to February made all our pastures thrive, resulting in spectacular regrowth. We received 474 mm of rain during this period, considerably more than all the rainfall of the previous campaign.

Our new pastures, planted in 2021 and in 2022, look especially healthy and ready to be grazed. We plan to use our tractor to remove weeds from older paddocks as soon as the excessive water recedes, to facilitate the germination of pastures. We will soon resume our baling operation, which we had to temporarily interrupt due to excessive humidity.

The regrowth of pastures has allowed our 4,600-strong cattle herd to recover and add additional weight throughout January and February. As a result, cattle mortality has been declining steadily since September/October. We hope it will continue to do so as we improve sanitary conditions and address the higher prevalence of parasites resulting from increased humidity.

Our bulls are in outstanding shape, allowing us to start servicing cows. In the next couple of months, we will artificially inseminate 843 heifers and naturally mate 2,350 bellies. We are alsosteadily approaching our goal of purchasing 1,600 head for fattening, mostly of outstanding quality, hybrid males that will be able to put on many kilos by the end of the year given the availability of pastures at the property.

Overall, significant increases in forage resources resulting from plentiful rainfall and over 3,200 pregnancies will allow us to substantially improve production this year. We are excited about the prospects for our Paraguayan operation and look forward to its continued growth and success in the years ahead.

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